Monday, July 28, 2014


Its been long, real long,

but memories still fresh,
as if it was yesterday,

the sounds still echo,
as if you were never away.

the fragrance of you,
still sweetening my memories

you're miles far away,
not just in distance,
but in each possible way.

We will be together,
I lie to myself each day.

I can do nothing about it,
Dying a little more,
Believe in destiny,
No, I don't anymore.

Friday, June 14, 2013


Two coffee, One Mug.
Sharing together.

She is the one who first sips,
He then hunts for point where she wrapped her lips.

Each sip; coffee level decreases,
The taste enhances.

The mug lies empty with remains of froth,
So was it to be meant.
So is it always to be meant!

Let's Talk

Don't tell me something that I don't wish to hear,
Instead fabricate it to make soothing to ear.

Tell me a truth that's too good to be true,
It better be something involving me and you.

I see the sun setting, waiting for it to rise,
Here I sit, rolling my dice.

Look in my eyes to say something,
Something that makes sweet bells ring.

Look in deeper in my eye as it were an art,
That's the route you should take to my heart

And when you reach there, I'll shut them at spree
Keeping you there not letting you flee.